First Time Tips

First Time Tips For New Callers

Hi Guys, here are some first time tips and information that even our regular callers will find valuable.

First, please tell us what you want – we are here to satisfy your fantasies! You can tell us anything – and our babes really do want to hear whatever is on your mind!

The goods on 1900 numbers that other services may not reveal – you will notice that after a long period of time, your call may drop out. This is not because Babes of Oz have cut you off, but is a regulatory requirement. You are very welcome to call back and speak to the same babe.

1900 numbers are flirty LIVE chat and you can tell our sizzling babes ANYTHING YOU LIKE. Our babes can be cheeky but must be a little reserved, but there is always a loophole…so read further…

XXX Prepaid Calls – are UNCENSORED XXX CALLS and you can get as hot and heavy as you like – ANYTHING GOES and our luscious babes aim to please. You WILL NOT get cut off, and this is important especially when things are starting to get interesting!! Your call will last as long as your credit allows. Call 1300 242 848 or our Fantasy Line of 1300 006 453 ($4.95 per min incl gst pay/mob extra) and pay either with visa or mastercard. All transactions will show up on your statement as “Telads Australia” which is very discreet for our customers.

If you like the babe you are talking to, it’s a good idea to ask her three digit pin number so that you can follow the prompts next time and get through directly to your favoured babe!!

Icebreakers – It’s always a good idea to tell our beautiful babes your name – you can choose to give your real name or not.

Perhaps describe yourself and what you like and then ask your mouth-watering babe about her.

Check our Fantasy Choices page and call a special 1900 number to talk to one of our specialist babes for your fantasy plus our 1300 numbers for some special lines. Even if you call our main number, all of our babes can indulge your particular fantasy – just ask.

Privacy Policy – Please do read our privacy policy as protection of your information is important to Babes of Oz.

Twitter – We like to keep in touch and let you know what we’re doing so feel free to follow us!

Instagram – We like to keep you informed and tell you about our new babes.

Our babes have been carefully chosen to ensure they have the right attitude, ethic and sense of fun to give you the best service possible.
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So guys, let our Babes of Oz take you on the most exciting ride of a lifetime!!