Privacy Policy

Babes of Oz Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy at Babes of Oz is in place to guard the privacy of our customers. We take your privacy seriously. We may occasionally use your details for marketing purposes, such as providing you with information or a greeting. Only Babes of Oz and our service provider may record your telephone number. However, a telephone number may be released in the case of a criminal act.
We do not release your name, billing address, telephone number or credit card information to any other party without your consent.
Babes of Oz do not send unsolicited emails and email is only used in response to a query forwarded by you, the customer.
Please note that there is a recording at the beginning of each telephone call that advises you must have the bill payers permission to use the service. This disclaimer means that it is your responsibility to obtain the permission of the telephone account holder to use the service. If you are the account holder, you must be responsible for the security of your telephone service.
Should you have any queries regarding the Babes of Oz Privacy Policy, please use the Contact Us page, and we will address any questions as soon as possible.